Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Sweet Abigail Rose

So many things have happened in my life since I started blogging, things that I haven't wanted to talk about until now.  My sweet Abigal Rose, our 12 year old Golden Retriever, became very ill on Sunday, February 5th, and we made the decision that it was time to put her down.  She had a Heart murmur, old age and 2 very large cyst that needed to be removed.  Making that decision was one of the hardest decision of our lifes. After spending all day Monday trying to figure which was the right decision, we finally decided that it was best for her, not us, but for her.    Husband and I spent the next day home with her............ We wanted to make sure she knew that she was loved unconditionally as she has given us unconditional love for 12 years.  We called our three children to let them know of our decision, that was tough.  We decided to be with her loving her as she took that last breath and then we just cried.  We sat on the floor with her for was seemed like hours but I know was only 10-15 minutes and then we left out a side door and sat in the car and cried like babies.  We had lost our most loyal companion, our sweet Abby.  We opted to have her cremated privately with her ashes being returned to her family.  The clinic also made prints of her feet in cement as another momento for us. It felt as thou we had lost a family member.  I will forever remember February 7th as the day our sweet Abigail Rose passed.   As my daughter quoted... On that day, I'm thankful that all dogs go to heaven. 
Mommy will miss you sweet baby.  

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Blog Plunge!

Hi, I've decided after reading some of my favorite blogs that I should take the plunge. As you can probably guess by the name of my blog that I love to Knit, Crochet and Baking. Starting this blog was a way to keep track of the things I'm making, more of a complete list with pictures. As I get more comfortable with the blog thing I'll add a picture or two. Happy February! Kathy