Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day! Today is one of those special days when we give thanks for our moms, grandmothers, etc. Besides today being a day we give thanks to our moms, it's also my first daughters 26th Birthday. She wasn't born on Mother's day, she came a day late, but ever few years we celebrate together!
I'm especially thankful for my wonderful children, Viktoria, Kari and Storm! They have brought so MANY years of enjoyment and smiles to my face. There's something extra special about each one: Viktoria is the planner of the bunch, she makes a list and follows thru and usually has a back up plan in place. I've told this story to many, but she actually potty trained herself. She would wake up in the middle of the night, take her diaper off, potty in the little potty, go back to her room, put Big girl panties on and go back to sleep, all this while never waking me or her dad up! Kari is and always has been the little helper in the family. She was always willing and happy to be in the kitchen wherever I was. She loved to go grocery shopping with me and she was the little girl that was always standing in a chair in the kitchen asking to help stir, bake or whatever needed to be done. As she got older she would call and ask what she could do to help with dinner. My little helper! Storm , well since he was the baby of the family, his older sisters became second and third momma's to him. They would do everything for him, even talk for him. That had to stop! The one thing that I just couldn't do without when comes to my Storm, is his laugh....he has the most wonderful sincere laugh, it's contagious! I can hear him laugh when he's watching TV and it just puts a smile on my face....just the sound. It's music to my ears!
They all have wonderful traits and I'd spend the next fees weeks listing them all, but without my three children I wouldn't have a blessed Mother's Day. They all maybe far away but they all close to my heart, especially on this day! I love you guys :)

Here's my Viktoria.....

Here's my Kari....

Here's my Storm.....

-Blessings & Peace, Kathy

Friday, May 11, 2012

Travels and Socks

The month of May has been filled with traveling and it's only the 11th. 26 hours for a round trip to Purdue and now we are driving 20 hours round trip to St. Simon's Island, GA for a wedding. About 4 hours into our trip today I finished my second sock, then I said what am I going to do the rest of our trip? Good thing I always carry several projects with me whether it's knitting or crocheting I always have at least 3 yarn projects, just in case I get bored with one I have another one to work on.
Here's my first pair of socks I've ever made and they were made with the "magic loop" technique......I think I'm in love with SOCKS!

Have a beautiful and fun filled Mother's Day!

-Blessings & Peace, Kathy

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April Showers....May Flowers

I've been absent for about 3 weeks, working on some sewing projects, knitting and working in the yard. This past weekend husband and I brought our youngest child, a son, home from college. We just couldn't believe that he has just completed his freshmen year of college. We had a 26 hour round trip from Virginia to Purdue, and it's a long drive, well, for me it's a long ride!

Virginia has had a very dry spring this year and it's been tough to keep the flowers and veggies watered and growing, but they have survived!

The pink roses are from Purdue University and they always have the prettiest flowers!

Here's a few pictures of things I think are pretty!

And here's the sock I've been working on.....I just have to figure out how to work the Kitchener stitch and then I'm finished! One sock down one sock to go!

-Blessings & Peace, Kathy