Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer Travels!

This summer has been really crazy. After our 3 weekends in May traveling here and there, June was a little quieter. July was HOT! August has been really great. We took our youngest to Purdue (he actually drove his car, but since I was a little nervous about him driving so far, we went along in our car) then flew from Indiana to Denver, CO where daughter #2 lives. We traveled to Cimarron, NM where my husband helped to a class at Philmont Training Center. We had the best time! The weather was wonderful, cool temps at night and somewhat warm temps during the day. Colorado and New Mexico are my favorite places. I'd move tomorrow if I could :)

40 jars of homemade Jams! Raspberry, Blackberry, and Blueberry :)

A pair of socks I made while riding in the car!

A pair of cute baby socks for a friend whose sister-in-law is having a baby.

The last four pictures are from Philmont Scout Ranch. The silly girl in the last photo is Daughter #2.

Blessings & Peace, Kathy