Tuesday, May 8, 2012

April Showers....May Flowers

I've been absent for about 3 weeks, working on some sewing projects, knitting and working in the yard. This past weekend husband and I brought our youngest child, a son, home from college. We just couldn't believe that he has just completed his freshmen year of college. We had a 26 hour round trip from Virginia to Purdue, and it's a long drive, well, for me it's a long ride!

Virginia has had a very dry spring this year and it's been tough to keep the flowers and veggies watered and growing, but they have survived!

The pink roses are from Purdue University and they always have the prettiest flowers!

Here's a few pictures of things I think are pretty!

And here's the sock I've been working on.....I just have to figure out how to work the Kitchener stitch and then I'm finished! One sock down one sock to go!

-Blessings & Peace, Kathy

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